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Resilient organisations have an effective combination of the right people, using sound procedures and working in partnership to deliver productive performance. In a crisis all elements will be tested and gaps in capability or capacity will be exposed. The consequences can be devastating in terms of human cost, financial implications and global reputation.


Crisis management

Emergency & contingency planning

Partnerships & interoperability

Organisational learning

Rubicon Resilience work with a network of consultants with global expertise in crisis management and contingency planning. We specialise in building strategic capability by linking the public and private sector so there is synergy in planning, response and recovery.

We offer services in these key areas:



We are able to analyse capacity and capability. We can examine the strategic and operational response and assess whether executive intent is achieved in practice. In particular, we focus on inter and intra organisational communication, partnerships and interoperability.



We provide solutions to build capacity and capability and embed organisational learning. This ensures that the corporate strategy incorporates awareness of the authorities’ contingency planning in order to inform corporate response and recovery arrangements.



We are able to deliver high quality exercises to test assumptions, identify vulnerabilities and develop management teams. We can also provide support to authorities and organisations developing their own exercises that want to draw on proven U.K. and E.U. best practice in exercise design and delivery.

We offer clients services in any of these areas either as a complete package, single service or combination of options.

Crisis Support:

An external consultant with specialist experience adds a considerable resource to any boardroom. We can enhance your response during a critical situation by deploying a consultant to provide additional support and an alternative perspective.

Rubicon Resilience

Building Strategic Capability:

  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency & Contingency Planning
  • Partnerships & Interoperability
  • Organisational Learning

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